Welcome to our minecraft server where you can start your own survival journey with us. In here, you can join our nice SMP Community to play together and thrive. We are happy to have new members join us and be part of our server.

Why join our Server?

Our server is a Survival Multiplayer Server, so you can only play survival Minecraft. But there is still many things you can do that are beyond just a normal survival gameplay.

You can make shops and trade your valuable items, make farm to get money, and battle toe to toe with any other player in our arena.

Key Features

  • Cross-platform Java and Bedrock (Mobile, Desktop, Console).
  • True SMP experience for survival multiplayer gameplay.
  • Player-owned shops and a vibrant in-game economy.
  • Kit system with daily, weekly, and monthly rewards.
  • Sethome feature for easy location management.
  • Thrilling PvP battles in dedicated arenas.
  • Land claim system for territory control.

Community at the Core

At Wangyland Community, community is more than just a word it's our foundation. We believe in creating a welcoming and warm environment where players from various backgrounds can come together, form lasting friendships, and embark on adventures together.

To be a part of this extraordinary journey, ask questions, share your knowledge, or simply chat with other players, we invite you to join our Discord community.


Join us!